Art of Invention

Jacinta Arcadia VonPrussia

Arising from Art & Music career in Australia Jacinta Arcadia VonPrussia merged her Technological Experiments into Europe via Governments Agendum for Digital Entrepreneurs, European Commission and Virtual Labs!

Appearing before Ministers, Scientists and fellow Artists sharing opinion on issues relating to Inventors, Gender Rights, Women and Childrens' Right of Inclusion to collaborate with Government and Business upon Future Cities purpose, protection, open innovation and support everyones' unique talents via Science Citizenry!

Conference Appearances

Thanks to The European Digital Agenda in 2012 and The USA TechStars Team granting me the Invitation, I found a like-minded Community of Futurists, Experts to Professors in exciting fields from Engineering, Architecture, Space to Satellite Programmes! 

Dream come true to discuss where can new Inventions get their chance to exist and operate now in readiness for the inevitable Virtual and Artificial Intelligence Platforms growing into the Future?  All Invitations accepted to appear in person or Virtually!

Art Journey into Science

My Books will Publish via Google Academic Papers & follow onto Digital Stores. And a new launch of Social Media to let my audience & colleagues know VonPrussia Calendar of Events!

Where & why Offline for so long? Governments also strangle The Art of Invention, as has been proven by my simultaneous journey into Political Asylum away from being silenced by The Australian Government! 


Greece Argonautical Future

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VonPrussia Book of Patents

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CyberSecurity Gamification of Citizenry

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