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 In the Book, Entrepreneurship How to Fail, the reader gets to travel along the pathway of a real entrepreneur for all the sunny days and the bumps along the road.

Jacinta appeared and presented ideas to The Digital Agenda Assembly The European Commission, Brussels, Belgium via an invitation from Techstars USA. And Berlin Department for Innovation Technology & Women, Berlin Germany via the Entrepreneur Platform Welcome Package of Berlin Partners GmbH.

She studied Entrepreneurship with Stanford University Online, and auditioned invention for the BBC Innovation Platform in Research & Development Department at MediaCityUK Salford Quays, England & shared her own experimentation of a Verbalization of A Patent at OISPG The Open Innovation Policy Sustainability Group Dublin Ireland to record ownership of Patent.

The story, In the Book, Entrepreneurship How to Fail, is shaped like a true Business Plan and part Memoir of the Author, and it centres around the invention and launch of a Digital Trading Desk for Artists. Join the adventures from Amsterdam Holland to Athens Greece as Jacinta explores her own limits. And enjoy the successes and learn from her failure along the way! 

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Entrepreneurship - How To Fail


A Book which will take you on a true adventure of Entrepreneurship. Jacinta, a young Entrepreneur and Inventor packs her bags to launch her dreams and Invention into Europe! Join her for the excitement, highs and lows and learn how to fail along the way.

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